Our dog “Maru”, a male Shiba, is going through a rebellious phase now at 11 months old. Our trainer told us Shibas especially go through a phase between 6 and 18 months where they seem to forget every bit of their training, won’t listen to commands, won’t eat, won’t crate, forget there they’re supposed to pee; all manner of fun stuff. Yep, it’s happening. He’s being extra difficult now, but there are still flashes of that obedient, cute little guy from, um, two weeks ago!

When it happens you just need to accept it, but also be smart about it. As the “alpha” you can’t let him get away with everything, but as long as he is not tearing the place apart, we are finding that if we just chill and let him chill, he’s more receptive to commands.

He has to take antihistamines for allergies, and thankfully has not started to resist the miracle-working “medi-balls”. These are balls with a marzipan-like consistency, into which you put a pill. We mostly never have trouble with giving him meds if we put it in a medi-ball. Good stuff.

How about now in Autumn 2023?

He has been through one more of these phases, and is in yet another one now, as he approaches three. But we still love him to bits.

Photo of Maru the Shiba at 11 Months

Photos by Rick Cogley