Japan marks Dec 8 as “Start of the Pacific War Day” although we don’t really hear about it that much. May all those who died at Pearl Harbor and after, rest in peace. 😔

RIP Norman Lear whose work shaped my childhood. 101! Such influence; a life well lived. 🖤🤍

Dec 7 is World Kamishibai Day! It’s the art of telling a story to children while showing cards mounted in a box, popularized in Japan in the 1930s. Have you seen it or something similar? 🇯🇵👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

23andMe confirmed the leak of 6.9 million users’ ancestry data. That’s just stunningly bad. You’d think they’d have superior cyber security but no, they’re only just now getting around to requiring 2FA. 😱

Atsuta Horaiken is a famous eel shop in Nagoya since 1873. Two hour wait, and 3100 yen for lunch in 2011! The servers looked bored, but were chatting, pretty in their pajama-like purple kimono uniforms. 📷🇯🇵

Unagi shop servers wearing purple kimono chatting while waiting for something to do.

Besides it being my sister’s birthday 🥳 it’s also International Volunteer Day. Did you know you can volunteer online? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

International Volunteer Day logo, with red, green and blue Xs that look like people.

At my checkup, asked about flu shots this yr, and they had had a cancellation so I jumped on it. Got a garlic and B vitamins shot to counteract the flu shot. Ever had? 💉🦠

Can I get your PIN? At a 370 yr old wagashi sweets shop in Nagoya called Ryokuchiya Korekiyo, 2011. This person was kindly explaining and answering my many questions. 📷🇯🇵🍡

Clerk in salmon pink uniform at Japanese sweets shop handing me a credit card scanner.

For #MicroMonday I’d like to share and thank Sven Dahlstrand (@sod), who is a great help in the m.b forum & makes great posts and plugins. 📅🙏🏻

In 2010, the famous dept store Matsuya in Ginza Tokyo was wearing a Louis Vuitton livery. 📷🇫🇷

A high end department store’s exterior is decorated with a luxury brand’s name and logo.

Some snaps from a morning jog in Tennozu Isle Shinagawa Tokyo, 2016. It’s a whole feeling to wander among these buildings when there’s nobody around. 📷🏢

Approach to Tennozu Isle subway stop in the morning.

Building front with escalator tops.

Building plaza complex showing bridges between buildings.

Dec 3rd is “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” a day to reflect on what you have, and how you can help differently-abled others. 🤗

UN logo for 3 Dec International Day of Persons with Disabilities, depicting different color arms encircling a person. I think.

Dec 2 is World Nuclear Energy Day, from Fermi’s success on this day in 1942, in getting the first sustained chain reaction at Pile-1 in Chicago. Ponder the pros and cons today. ☢️🌐

I liked this lettering: not only front to back on the truck but italicized in the opposite from normal manner. Wonder if the tilt is consistent on the left side of the truck. 📷🚛

Lettering on a truck side that reads front to back, with an odd way of italicizing.

The old are replaced … 📷🚕

Older model sedan type taxi from Kokusai Motorcars in Tokyo.

Japan Post’s 巡回郵便 “junkai yuubin” service truck (Shinjuku 2010), picking up and delivering near organizations with large mail volume. Usually it’s a SuperCub! 📷🇯🇵📮

Small red Japan Post mail truck from the side.

Small red Japan Post mail truck from the rear.

Red Honda SuperCub mail delivery bike.

Goroawase is flexible. Today 11/29 is いい肉 “good meat” day, but also ワンワン服 “doggy clothes” day according to Global Pets of Yokohama. 🇯🇵

A Shiba dog wearing a blue and white raincoat catching snow on his tongue.

Evening walk with Fuji. 📷🗻🇯🇵

Evening view of Mt Fuji from a hill in the neighborhood in the fall.

Learners of Nihongo, can you guess why today 28 Nov is フランスパンの日 French Bread Day? A certain friendship association used goroawase to make it so. 🥖🇯🇵

Birds on a plate eating the crumbs from a baguette, next to an open mustard jar, on a round table on a cafe terrace.

Mokichi Foods Garden in Chigasaki serves great food and has a lovely interior with luxe lighting. 📷🍷

A restaurant interior, impressive with a large designer pendant lamp, wood floors and books along the far wall.