Upgraded macOS to Sonoma today, then found that my beloved Ulysses app wasn’t working. The menus appeared but not the UI, with most menus greyed out. Because I have a backup and its library is synced to iCloud, I used AppCleaner to purge it, then reinstalled and voilà! 👏🏻🦋

We went to a resort in Izu Kogen for a weekend in 2016, and this little peak appeared on my jog, so of course I went up. It’s the extinct volcano Mt Omuro, 581m, with a good 360 panorama.

Photo of Mt Omuro in Ito

Embrace the pain while feeling pleasure. This foot spa on Hachijo Island has little stones embedded in the concrete so you can get a massage while you soak. 📷♨️

Photo of foot spa and pebbles

Woke up at 4:30 to get ready for first walk and, found a big pile of dog vomit. Maru the Shiba is curled up in the entrance way, and might need a vet visit. It took a good 30 min to really clean it up. 🙀🐕🤢

A few years back, enjoying a beverage at the MoMA cafe in New York. 📷🍹

Photo of Rick at MoMA NYC

This “maruta bashi” or log bridge was the way across the Sukumo river near a Tepco power station and Hakone Takashisei Inari Daigongen Shrine. It was wobbly and scary; no ninja warrior for me! 📷🪵

Photo of a wooden bridge placed across a river

Hakone Myojingatake Hike - from Saijoji to Miyagino

On Sunday 3 Sept 2023, I did a 6hr solo point-to-point hike in Hakone, ascending 903m up to Myojingatake (明神が岳, 1169m) from Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple (大雄山最乗寺 aka Doryoson), and descending 719m to Miyagino (宮城野) on Rt. 138, traveling over about 9km. From there I took the bus down to Kami-to-no-sawa (上塔ノ沢), then walked to an onsen for a scrub and a soak. When I hiked up Myojogatake, I had intended to go up Myojingatake as well, but I was tired that day and opted out.

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The fall air was so clear you could see the distant mountains. We are hiking Daibosatsurei next month. It’s about a third of the way in from the right in the background. 📷🥾⛰️

Photo of mountains in the distance

Hiking in Hachijojima in 2020, when we travelled there between lockdowns. 📷🥾🏝️

Photo of Rick hiking in Hachijojima

Depressing that things like this get delayed. Think of everything but the impacted victims it seems. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20230923/p2g/00m/0na/036000c

The belt of a kimono is called an ‘obi’, and they are pretty glorious. 📷🇯🇵👘

Photo of the back of a kimono showing the beautiful obi belt

Serious lens flare from trying to take a selfie with a headlamp on. 📷🔦

Photo of myself with a headlamp

If I’m to share an “a day in the life” photo, it would have to be a walk at the old US Communications base. This is truly a daily occurrence. Maru the Shiba wants to walk rain or shine. 📷🐕☺️

Photo of Maru the Shiba on a drizzly day

This is my wife’s office chair from Itoki, that fits her smaller frame nicely. 📷💺

Photo of office chair from Itoki, with lime green fabric and a white frame.

Maru the Shiba was panicking about the thunder and lightning last night, so I slept on the couch near him for a while. 🐕⛈️

Doing this hike up the old Tokaido road, there were quite a few places where you would be hiking near the modern road. You could really feel the history in your legs. 📷🥾

Photo of Stairs on the old Tokaido next to the modern road

Before we built our new home, we had to raze the original jikka, my in-laws’ old home. It had been built by Sekisui House about 75 years prior. 📷🏡

Photo of the old jikka, the ancestral home

The wooden palm rest for my UHK “Ultimate Hacking Keyboard” was getting old and gross, so in the absence of any woodworking skills, I bought in right away when they released the new rubber version. It came today via DHL and feels great! ⌨️📷

Photo of new UHK rubber palm rest

A couple years back we moved into our new home, and I was fortunate enough to be able to observe it being built out the window from the old home. A real treasured memory. 📷🏠

Photo of our home while being built

Just a hint of fall. 📷🍁

Trees just starting to turn red in fall