Daughter 2 brought delicious cannelè sweets in various flavors from Shinagawa station. It’s a celebration! 🥳

A selection of assorted French cannelé sweets, including green matcha, chocolate, citrus and almond-flavored ones, is presented in a round box on a table.

Another abandoned building in my area, this time a “danchi” public housing apartment building. You can put them up, but it costs money to tear them down, so they sit and rot! (This is why we sold off the apartment my FIL built.)

A dilapidated multi-story "danchi" public apartment building displays signs of heavy staining and neglect, with boarded-up windows and overgrown vegetation. In Yokohama Japan, under grey skies.

Abandoned kindergarten where our girls went is supposedly managed by a Uni, but it’s just overrun with weeds. 😔

A rusty blue gate with a “no entry” sign in Japanese, stands in front of an overgrown grassy field and abandoned school buildings under a clear, sunny sky.

We are usually flexible when delivering professional services, but recently a client went so far as to complain about being billed for what they ordered, despite us having done extra scope for that job. It’s time to train them by strictly controlling scope. 🗡️

The reactions of Trump followers regarding the unanimous guilty verdict handed in by the jury were predictable, and comical. I guess they don’t realize both sides select the jury?! 🤡 Also a pleasure to see the press refute every single lie spouted at the post-verdict press conference.

Google should pause AI overviews until they are sure the advice is sane. It’s like taking sarcastic Reddit copypasta as your source of truth. I signed Mozilla’s petition. 🤥

I’m a Spingle fan. They’re a Hiroshima shoe brand, and I’ve had good luck with fit and durability. My old canvas ones rotted so I got these. 👟

SPINGLE SPM-324IL Gray canvas

I tried Uber Eats for the first time here in Japan, and there was a tip option. I feel like tipping is really American, but still I tipped. Sincere question: do the drivers not get paid unless you tip? Appreciate any insights…

The “NY cheesecake” Lotte Chocopie is good. Really really good. 🤩

Chocopie wrapper

Yesterday was removal of about 6000m of old LAN cable from an office that was moved out of. We installed this 20 years ago. 💪

In a Starbucks before a meeting, and the noise pollution is quite incredible. There’s the BGM, door open pings, mobile order bings, staff taking orders, and of course people in remote calls. Noisy! 💥

“The Favourite” on Netflix is just fantastic. A hysterical romp. 😀

We had decadent parfaits in Atami, and the food at the cottage was 5🌟

Decadent chocolate parfait with wine gelee Breakfast genmai, nuts, veggies

It’s been a hard couple of months with no Golden Week, so we are at a detached cottage in Ito soaking in the onsen. Lovely place! 😊

The yen is so weak that what was bound to happen, has happened: pricing by whether a person is a tourist or not. As a white guy lifer, I am so not looking forward to having to prove I’m a permanent resident, to not get charged JPY 3000 for ramen. 🍜

Today is gomu-no-hi or “rubber day” where the “gomu” is a goroawase word play on the date 5/6, “go” and “mu”, established as a PR day for rubber products. Did you know it takes ~5 yr to go from rubber tree to latex? Imagine a world without rubber… 🎈

Hi @help is the Notes feature supposed to work in iOS?

Wondering when JIS is going to finally release 27002, which is a kind of “best practices” guideline for Annex A in 27001. JSA says within 2024 … 👨‍🌾⌛️

The slippery wriggling of the conservative justices as they try to find a way to grant immunity is just horrifying.

Are you aware of the ISO 37000 standard, guidance on the governance of organizations? It’s an interesting one, since there was nothing like before it was published. Kudos to the volunteer contributors who make standards like this. 🧑🏻‍⚖️