I’m founder and CEO of eSolia, your virtual IT dep’t in Japan since 1999, and a long-term Japan resident (since 1987, near the end of the Showa era!). I live in Yokohama, mostly work from home but sometimes in Tokyo, at our office in Shiodome near JR Shimbashi in the city center.

I bridge the gap between business and tech, and between English speakers and Japanese speakers. It’s a good niche to occupy. 日本語もOK!

I ❤ family life with Maru our Shiba, coding and app integration, micro-blogging and micro-casting, creating and photography, yoga and bodyweight calisthenics, hiking and jogging, managing and negotiating, and generally curating my odd little findings.

Hit me up if you’re in the big mikan! 🍊🇯🇵