PMark Security Incident - JIPDEC announces investigation results into Privacy Mark breach

Japan’s “Privacy Mark” system had a serious security breach in Aug 2023, and its operator JIPDEC (Japan Information Technology and Social Promotion Association) announced the results of an investigation into the matter. 🕵🏻‍♂️ When companies implement P-Mark, there are a number of requirements to be met, similar to what organizations go through when trying for an ISO certification. Reviewers for JIPDEC are responsible for auditing the certification applications, and one such reviewer had saved review documents on an unsecured personal NAS.

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Nov 15 is 7-5-3 or “shichi-go-san” day, a traditional rite-of-passage holiday in Japan, to pray for your children’s health and good fortune. Usually people can’t take the day off to go to the shrine if it falls on a weekday, and would schedule the Shrine blessings on the weekend. 🇯🇵🎎🎏

When you can find one, Japan pay phones may have buttons (or instructions like this one) for police (110) and fire (119) service, that connect you without needing payment. 📷🚨🆘

Japan pay phone showing instructions to just dial 110 or 119 for police and fire service, for free.

Today 14 Nov was the birthday of Dr Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, and is World Diabetes Day. One in 10 people has it, so it’s a good idea to get informed. 💉🩸

Local Daily Yamazaki for bread or drinks. By the way Nov is apparently “Double Soft Won-double Month”. 📷🍞🍞

Orange and red shop exterior with several vending machines.

AshidaVox ST-31-02 Headphones Microcast

A companion micro-podcast to go with my AshidaVox ST-31-02 Headphones post. 🎙️ Transcript

For #MicroMonday I’d like to share and thank Matt Langford (@mtt), who created “Tiny Theme” that many of us micro-bloggers use. 📅🙏🏻

Today Nov 13 is “Urushi” Lacquer Day. Legend has it that Imperial Prince Koretaka, first son of Emperor Montoku in the Heian Period, prayed at Horinji temple in Arashiyama Kyoto for improved lacquerware production methods. Since then, this has been a day of thanks to lacquer craftsmen. 🇯🇵🍱

Cool geometrical shapes at Tokyo station. 📷

Front of Tokyo station, cool covered walkway, Marunouchi side.

Front of Tokyo station, glass elevator, Marunouchi side.

On this day in 1872, the 5th year of Japan’s Meiji period, the gov’t mandated “Western” clothing for gov’t officials, and 100 years later in 1972, it was designated “Western Clothes Day”. 🎌🕴️

An AU store in 2008, where you could buy a flip phone for zero yen, if the signs are any indication. 📷🤳

Woman bundled up with scarf, walking past a storefront of a mobile phone sales shop.

Nov 11 marks the end of WWI (1918) and is known variously as Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Poppy Day, Remembrance Day. Wars still rage, but may there be peace on earth. 🥀

Typical fountain bubbler spigot in Japan park. 📷🇯🇵🛝

Water fountain in Japan park.

Nov 10 is 技能の日 “ginou no hi”, a day Japan celebrates the development of vocational skills such as landscaping, carpentry or PC repair. See JAVADA’s excellent, detailed English pamphlet PDF regarding this subject. 🇯🇵🧑‍🌾✍️🔨

Shimbashi Tokyo food fair colors. 📷🎪

Colorful food fair tents in Shimbashi Tokyo.

The neighborhood in Totsuka Yokohama is really hilly. 📷💦

Long stairway in Totsuka Yokohama.

Long hill in Totsuka Yokohama.

Hill through neighborhood in Totsuka Yokohama.

Nov 9 is “dial 119” day in Japan since 1987 (S62, 3 months after I arrived!) after the fire and emergency services number (more here), during nat’l fire prevention week. Be aware booth phones have buttons & check your 🧯

Fire fighters entering a blaze site in the narrow back street area of Shimbashi Tokyo, Japan.

Japan phone booth phone with buttons for dialing 110 police and 119 fire emergency services.

Kanda, Tokyo’s “Fureai Bridge”. 📷🌁

Pedestrian bridge with red tiled access ramp in Kanda Tokyo.

Nov 8 is World Urbanism or Town Planning Day. I’d be interested in learning more about what goes into large urban planning projects including if protests have ever been effective. 🪧👷‍♂️

Maru the Shiba was freaked out by the wind last night and spent most of the night wandering around and whining in distress. He wouldn’t come be with anyone so everyone is tired today including him. 🐕🥺

A Shiba dog’s face up close.