This site is hosted at, a microblogging system for those who want to control their content. It’s reasonably priced, and even has an option for hosting micro podcasts. is super low-friction in terms of usage, making it easy to post your thoughts quickly.

You can:

  • format your posts and pages with markdown
  • cross post to Mastodon, Linkedin and others
  • import Instagram
  • make use of webmentions
  • enjoy a social networking aspect, without likes and re-posts, just conversation
  • use emojis as a new kind of tag
  • keep a list of books you’re reading
  • customize your blog design and use plugins to get extra functionality

You can even post directly from Ulysses (what I do), Drafts or Mars Edit.

I’m using Geometric Humanist and Rounded Sans from Modern Font Stacks as the type faces and “Tiny Theme” theme with mild customization.

The site has json and rss feeds for all posts or for categories: