Mocktail at mock Hawaiian joint @cinnamonsyokohama

    Daughter 1’s first adulting, after moving to her apartment and building all the things from IKEA.

    Sunflower season in Japan

    Bought Merrell Trail Glove 5’s and I hope they work for me.

    This old century

    Lions Club blood drive in Totsuka

    I #GotMyUHK from @UltHackKeyboard and it is superb, with fantastic workmanship. It is “sticky” and stable on the desk, and the wrist rest is like nice furniture. I am back to my normal fast speed typing, without wrist strain.

    Just as I was feeling sad about my own Dad being gone, they gave me this. Hand drawn pansies (?) on the card! I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😭

    April Atago

    Japan political posters in Minato-Ku.

    Little guardian

    Yokohama Chinatown for the Kaikousai

    Rainy day veg stand

    Night suits me

    A great time of year for jogging

    JR has started using the phrase “stand behind the Braille blocks” in announcements, instead of calling it a “yellow line”. I presume because blind does not mean deaf as well.

    We got this ARGI+ at the charity walk. We shall see if it does anything.

    During the charity 10 km walk. Got to see beautiful rose gardens near Yamashita park in Yokohama.

    Little signs of spring

    Crossing sign with a barcode for more languages. Nice!

    Congrats to PILOT on their 100 years. Anniversary Hoteison ink.

    Station light play

    Peachy view on a neighborhood back street.

    NEC monkey bars, so shiny. Pika!

    Park view

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