Hello! from Rick Cogley

Jun 5, 2024 ↓

The reactions of Trump followers regarding the unanimous guilty verdict handed in by the jury were predictable, and comical. I guess they don't realize both sides select the jury?! 🤡 Also a pleasure to see the press refute every single lie spouted at the post-verdict press conference.

Jun 6, 2024 ↓

We are usually flexible when delivering professional services, but recently a client went so far as to complain about being billed for what they ordered, despite us having done extra scope for that job. It's time to train them by strictly controlling scope. 🗡️

Jun 8, 2024 ↓

Abandoned kindergarten where our girls went is supposedly managed by a Uni, but it’s just overrun with weeds. 😔

A rusty blue gate with a “no entry” sign in Japanese, stands in front of an overgrown grassy field and abandoned school buildings under a clear, sunny sky.