Hello! from Rick Cogley

May 10, 2024 ↓

The yen is so weak that what was bound to happen, has happened: pricing by whether a person is a tourist or not. As a white guy lifer, I am so not looking forward to having to prove I'm a permanent resident, to not get charged JPY 3000 for ramen. 🍜

May 12, 2024 ↓

It’s been a hard couple of months with no Golden Week, so we are at a detached cottage in Ito soaking in the onsen. Lovely place! 😊

May 12, 2024 ↓

We had decadent parfaits in Atami, and the food at the cottage was 5🌟

Decadent chocolate parfait with wine gelee Breakfast genmai, nuts, veggies

May 13, 2024 ↓

“The Favourite” on Netflix is just fantastic. A hysterical romp. 😀