The other day in Otemachi of all places, I saw a group of 3 or 4 teen boys carving up a parking garage entrance on skateboards. It was jarring to see that in that area. 🛹

    With the release of Apple iOS 17.3 comes “stolen device protection” (盗難デバイスの保護), in Settings, Face/TouchID & Passcode. Tap “Turn on Protection” to require biometrics with no passcode fallback, if your iPhone is outside familiar locations. Slick! 🙅‍♂️😈

    Kindergarten teachers and their charges at a street crossing. Must be stressful! 📷🎌

    Kindergarten teachers surrounding their students at a traffic stop light in Yokohama Japan. The children are wearing various colored hats indicating their class.

    FIDO2 security keys for M365 MFA have been working at my firm eSolia for over a year. Enabling an Entra conditional access policy to require “phishing resistant MFA” for admins (aka FIDO2 keys!), caused an endless loop of pain.

    Jan 5 or 6 is 小寒 (shokan “a little cold”) which marks when the sun is at 285 degrees. Now is a good time to start bundling up. ❄️

    If you’re living in or visiting Japan, here are some useful resources we compiled regarding disaster readiness. Stay safe and help those around you if you can. 🎌🚒

    Happy New Year greetings to one and all, but our thoughts are with those impacted by the large & terrifying Ishikawa quake.

    Osechi food on New Years in Japan

    Ozoni soup, crab and osechi at Japan new years.