M365, Azure B2B on, an existing Exchange contact will get auto deleted (merged?!) after invited guest with same email accesses a shared file. Annoying and convenient at same time. 😽

    The feature of OneDrive app, to pick a SharePoint shared library folder, then take photos and automatically upload into it, is a real lifesaver. It’s useful in the context of a team taking photos on a job - everything just gets uploaded quickly and automatically. 🆒

    It’s been a maelstrom of activity but we are mostly migrated to MS365, and are well on our way implementing an ISO 27001 ISMS in SharePoint. 🎉

    Microsoft must have an absolutely massive documentation team. The “learn” site and other docs have been a great help in getting us migrated to MS365. 🙏🏻

    Took a beat to get the API working, but this guy has email, calendars and files migrating at full blast to MS 365. 🚀

    The cheapest MS Project version, the one that’s web only, is too simplistic. You apparently can’t even schedule tasks on the weekend. 👎🏻

    Worked out how to custom format a SharePoint board to make it look like a timeline. Good for project milestones after futzing with Excel & MS Project but failing. 😎

    Migrated brand Google Photos to OneDrive, and bulk exported Google Groups email to mbox files. Bleary eyed. 😖

    Wordle 548 5/6

    ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜🟩⬜ ⬜🟨🟨🟩⬜ 🟨⬜🟨🟩🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    Considering a move from my beloved print newspaper to its digital edition. I can likely increase the font size to make it easy to read. Has anyone cut the cord on print and made the jump? How’s it working out? 🙋🏼‍♂️

    MS Edge wouldn’t start on my Mac. The cause was incorrect permissions on its folder under $HOME/Library/Application Support. Sudo delete the offending folder, reinstall and voilà! 💡

    We migrated our team tasks to SharePoint Lists, & to allow clients to make requests, hooked up an MS Forms form to a PowerAutomate flow, which does the trick. ⚙️

    If you have a large zip file split into multiple files, each file having the same folders but containing different content, in macOS Finder you can option-drag the folders in one parent to the other, & the option to merge the folders together will appear! 🆒

    External sharing in MS365 from SharePoint or OneDrive has matured. Guests can easily sign in with an MS account, or if they don’t have, via an emailed one-time code. Seamless, automatically added to your Azure AD, & more secure than an “anyone link”. 🎯

    Migrated from folders in Sharepoint Lists to taxonomy terms from the Terms Store. Now views and filters are key, and the Lists iOS app works well!

    クロアチアおめでとう。日本代表、PK戦負け辛いけど、ファンに希望と感動与えてくれて、本当にありがとう! 良くやった! ⚽️🇯🇵🔥🙏

    Congratulations to Croatia on your win in the Japan match. Japan, a PK shootout loss is rough, but you gave the country hope; stellar job! 🇯🇵🤩🔥⚽️

    Last week I signed up for Azure Virtual Desktop to test Win & Powershell (I’m on macOS). Support called, “available to help during my trial”, but they couldn’t say re what specifically. I didn’t remember either, so it was a weird call! 🤪

    Frequent Forums problem in Sharepoint: the location you want is not available in “select a team or site” on copying a list. To fix: from SP Home where the list is, confirm you’re following it! (A hint would be nice, Microsoft!) 😅

    Maru had a great time crunching on fallen leaves at Maioka Park. Last time it was hot weather. 🍁🍂🐕

    At Maioka Park with Maru

    Linux Learner Tools

    A companion micro podcast for my Tools for the Modern Linux Learner post. 🎙️🧰

    Want to reduce MS List admin burden but maintain security? Enable Folders & set group perms on them (no inheritance, separate grants). Separate lists means duplicate settings, fields, views, permissions but combined, admin is all about folders. 🗂️

    Here’s an old PDF article on Sawayaka Undo さわやか運動 from Yokohama City archives. Maybe Japanese football fans tidying up after matches is rooted in this & cleaning one’s school regularly. 🧹⚽️

    Today is “sawayaka undo” in our hood, a Japan thing where you tidy up the streets or shared spaces near your home, picking up leaves or trash, or pulling up weeds. 🧹🌱🚮

    Enhanced the e-sign capability of our in-house ops db by appending the sign manifest certificate to the signed PDF. This means 1 Docusign API call instead of 2, and no worry about polling errors. 🥳

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