Watching the movie 1917, I suddenly realized why soldiers wear two dog tags, when he takes only one off his friend… sigh

    I’m 55 on the 1st of Jan, and as an early birthday present, my daughters bought me an outfit and a down coat. I was absolutely stunned silent - so happy rn. 😭

    Be careful out there kids. This is a phishing attempt by a scammer trying to get info regarding the Ledger crypto wallet.…

    Meanwhile at the Hayabusa test lab: “dang it Jenkins, I thought I told you to turn off that fan!” (Still a couple weeks in 2020…)

    macOS Big Sur has some good aspects but, its external display handling is buggy, and spotlight is worse functionally. 😒

    Even if you don’t know it, you probably use @letsencrypt, a non-profit that provides over 200 million (!) TLS certificates to websites for free. I use them in my systems and donate, and hopefully you might too. 💝

    I’m a fan of Just Systems’ «ATOK Passport», which is the best way to enter Japanese on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android. It has too many features to mention, but suffice to say it’s really helpful even for a non-native Japanese speaker.

    After about 500km on my Altra One 3’s, I tried a bunch of new models and settled on Topo Magnifly 3. Love them; zero drop with just enough padding. New Altra misses the mark and I couldn’t get past the exaggerated padding of Hoka.

    If you’re in Japan, MyMizu ( is an interesting app that lets you find and share places such as parks, to refill your water bottle.


    If you use brew, upgrading to MacOS 11.0.1 Big Sur results in errors regarding “CLT” (Xcode’s Command Line Tools), with commands like brew upgrade. Fix this situation by deleting and reinstalling CLT.

    MacOS 11.0.1 Big Sur sure does like rounded corners. As long as they stay away from skeuomorphism, I’m ok with it. 😏

    Tried Apple’s Maps on Big Sur, specifically the bike route planning feature, but it failed due to a server being down. 🤪

    Upgraded to MacOS Big Sur today, and it looks great. Love the design. 😎

    M1 chipped Apples limited

    The new Macs with Apple’s M1 chips indeed “change everything” as Apple says. You cannot use more than 1 external display on the laptops, although you can use 2 on the Mini since there’s an hdmi port apparently. Is this a way to sell the eye-wateringly expensive Mac Pro to desktop users?

    Google VPN is like the charismatic wolf inviting you to dinner, but you’re the dinner.

    Needed a nap after all the excitement and my run. Woke up during a dream in which a noisy truck full of turkeys was delivered to our street here in Japan. Ladies were loudly thanking the driver, who walked through our yard. It was President Obama, who we thanked. Thanksgiving!

    For those entreating Trump to concede with grace, uhh, haven’t you figured out that he has none? Not one iota.

    Well, AP and CNN called it for Biden / Harris thank heavens, but now the real whining and subterfuge shall begin. 😏

    I wrote down some thoughts on my fitness journey.

    Today we ate at the «Tsumugu Café & Something» in Totsuka. Cool interior and great food.

    I’ve been very busy and away for a while. I lost 12 kg with daily exercise and feel good. I’ll feel even better if we can finally declare Biden / Harris the winner although it appears to be decided…

    You can’t put a oily-cheesy pizza box in the paper recycling, but, you can compact it down quite small. Just wet the cardboard on both sides and fold it up, wetting as you fold, and wring it like a dishrag. It will get quite small. 🍕

    Everyone’s saying stay 2m apart, but an early March 2020 article says researchers found the COVID-19 virus can travel 4.5 meters. Terrifying.

    Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike (@ecoyuri) gave an address in English about the COVID-19 situation. Major thanks and kudos! 👏🏻

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