«Oogiri Insatsu» produce products from ideas they get from peoples’ tweets, like a student’s desire to eat at their desk when it’s not lunchtime (bento box hidden in a book). 🔥

    «Newsed» is an upcycle brand selling products such as keyholders made from old advert canvas or trays made from school desks. Creative! 😍

    Finishing up the last-day-of-the-year “ohsouji” big cleaning at the office, drinking wine, eating chocolate & listening to The Cure. 🍷🍫

    The eSolia year-end holiday starts today Dec 27 (Fri)​ from 12:00​, and runs through Jan ​5 ​(Sun), 2020​. We will be back in the office from Jan 6th, and wish everyone a restful break! “Yoi otoshi wo!” 🏝🇯🇵

    Completed the IDEO University “[Insights for Innovation](Rick’s Certificate of Completion https://ideou.novoed.com/?utm_source=Direct#!/courses/insights-nov7-dec15/statements/1967139)" course, which is a first step into learning about Design Thinking. Interesting stuff.

    The demolition next door (we’re pulling down my mother-in-law’s old house) is COMICALLY loud. 5 more months of demolition then build.

    The UCAN nihongo “new words and buzzwords“list had “one team” winning, with runnerups like “planned stoppage” in reference to the never-before seen JR planned outage due to the big typhoon, or #kutoo, a pun on shoes and pain, about women having to wear heels. 🗣

    House building activities have occupied most of our time for the last months but it’s finally settled. Demolition of the old has started! 🚧

    Menstruating friends, I wonder if you heard about the Japanese department store Daimaru Umeda’s (since revoked) plan to allow menstruating employees to wear a badge. Appears it was initially suggested by a “young female employee” per the original Japanese. Thoughts?

    A friend & I always joke about consultants getting paid in goats & chickens, but today we paid our electrician for a small hookup job, with 6 apples and 6 mikan oranges (at his request). 😂

    Had an enjoyable time with wife and both daughters in Kanazawa: what a cool city, with a big emphasis on architecture and design. It was a 1 hour flight from Haneda, and a 2.5 hour trip back on the Shinkansen. Recommendable! 😄

    Read an article today that when older people use “O.K.” in reply it’s considered offensive by younger people?! And that I’m supposed to write “kk” instead? O.K. (please read that as “fuck right off”) 🖤

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (@eff) had been working against unconstitutional border searches of digital devices, and today was a big win on that front. 🎊

    The level of maturity it takes to think of oneself as important for having 5000 followers on some social networking service, is the same level of maturity it takes to assume professionals can work for “exposure” (aka for free): naught. 🙅‍♂️

    Kylie Jenner has a looot of suing to do, if she thinks she invented the phrase “rise and shine” #riseandshine (what a maroon). 😅 www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/…

    Saw in the Japan Times this AM, that besides the recent #kutoo movement re company rules that women should wear high heels, there’s also a backlash against rules that women should wear contacts and not glasses. 😳

    Today’s the ceremony to move the jikka butsudan contents into our new butsudan.

    I’m comparing a lot of software services lately, and getting irritated by those online comparison engines that pit against each other products that have no business being compared. It’s even worse when it’s obviously not automated. Meaningless clickbait drivel. 🤨

    A new foundation

    Akiko and I ate at this new casual French restaurant in Totsuka, @papavasy. It was soooo good. Recommended!

    Richard Bona is such an inspiration. I knew him as a great bassist, so it was such a pleasure to learn what a talent he is. Watch, and feel joy today. 🇨🇲♥️🇺🇸

    Rugby is one exciting & non-stop sport. Just watched the Japan:Scotland RWC match, and it was a nail-biter, at least for this newb. Congrats Japan! 🇯🇵🏉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    A lot of people were impacted by #TyphoonHagibis, but my family is all ok. The only thing that happened to us was a lot of debris and a broken TV antenna. We are fortunate we live away from water. 🌀🇯🇵

    Wind from #TyphoonHagibis picking up in Yokohama area, and it looks like Chiba (poor Chiba) just had an earthquake to boot.

    PSA: Japan visitors, check out NHK’s live info page on #TyphoonHagibis. Stay safe indoors! 🌀🇯🇵

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