Archiving old emails into EagleFiler, I was reminded of TrackStudio, a fantastic issue tracker system we moved away from because it was self-hosted.

    DEFY gave me these stickers with the bag. It’s cool they have Japanese on them, so I’ll translate. Left: Speed Racer-esque boy says “You can do it! Never give up!” Middle: ‘Tengu’ demon has “Delicious” (lol, what is?!) Right: ‘Maneki Neko’ says “Thank you”.

    New bag (a “Bucktown” backpack) from Chicago’s DEFY. Its workmanship is just super, and it looks to be largely waterproof. Sturdy and satisfying.

    If you work with Japan, note that many companies are closed Dec 2​8​ to Jan ​6, 2019​. I wish everyone a restful break! “Yoi otoshi wo!” 🏝🇯🇵

    Love this inujirushi (dog mark) brand, which is based in Asakusa Tokyo. Sturdy and unfashionable, it’s built to last.

    I’m so geeky that my new love is Freron’s MailMate Mac mail client. Hats off! Get it if you’re tickled by PGP or S/MIME signing & encryption, keyboard control, Markdown, advanced search (that works), 3rd party integration, low level app control. 👏🏻😍

    Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth. My wife and our daughters shooed me from under foot, and created a great feast of a meal that took most of the day. Despite the many challenges 2018 brought, I’m blessed and grateful. 😊

    I’m kind of in heaven over this web reproduction of Byrne’s Euclid, assembled with obvious care & ❤️ by Nicholas Rougeux. It really scratches my itch for more Edward Tufte-ian works. 🖋

    Micro Picks W51 2018 🗓️

    It being bonenkai party season in Japan, there is more vomit than usual. Fortunately for rail workers, there’s this newfangled vomit vacuum which makes cleanup a cinch. 🤢

    This pudding is delivered in latex, and you poke it with a toothpick to release the edible part. There’s something disconcerting about that! 😬

    An experimental long game, check out these Japan Tree Circles. See also the “pitch drop” long-term experiment at Queensland U in Australia. ⏳

    Ever hear of a “Headless CMS”? is one such, where they provide the storage and API, while you develop what you need to consume it.

    Sanity Way Illustration

    My company eSolia does IT support in Japan, and we steward annual building power outages, during which system test & validation is key. Lately I’ve been scripting webhook “glue” to connect Slack slash commands to fax (auto gen PDF ftw!) and SMS services. 🔗🤖

    The sign says that walkers have priority and bikes should slow down. 🚴‍♀️

    TIL about the “Christina Therapy Harp” from Triplett Harps. Sounds so relaxing.

    Facebook is now defending its sharing data with tech giants. It’s probably time to “just say no” to that arrogant behemoth.

    Japan is planning to pull in a ton of foreign workers and visitors, but at the same time, is rather schizophrenically pulling out from the IWC. What a shame, as there’s no reason to eat whale meat. 🐳

    I passed 365 days of “closing my rings” on Apple Watch activity, which is general moving, exercise, and standing once an hour for 12 hours per day. Feels good! 😎

    I have a strong dislike for flimsy zippers or anything I can’t use for a quarter-century, which is the primary reason I want to try a bag from Chicago’s Defy. “Over engineered”, you say? I’m in! 💪🏻🔥

    So much for Abe’s “Womenomics” eh? Apparently a “pregnancy tax” actually got implemented, but got the ax after a backlash. Sometimes the “elites” in Kasumigaseki are such idiots! Way to fix that declining birthrate! 😖

    This is a “washi” (Japanese paper) shop near home. It’s a really nice texture, and you can pick from many colors and patterns.

    People are up in arms over “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from the 1940s, but to me it’s just a flirty little tune that frankly shows the “consent dance” pretty well. When the roles reverse, she is just as aggressive as he was. So much worse in the world than this. 🕉

    Tokyo station has started announcing near escalators to stand on both sides, purportedly for rider safety. People generally stand on one side, and walk up the other, but can be aggressive about it. 🇯🇵🚈🔶

    From Murphy with ❤️ 3:

    • The likelihood of being voluntold to do overtime, increases on the day you have a date.
    • The number of likes you get, is inversely proportionate to your expectation.
    • When you need the shampoo, you’ll get the rinse.


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